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people need to stop provokeing michael they have nothing better to do


Yeah! Micheal Jackson is the BEST! I dance like him all the time! Micheal Jackson, if you're reading this, I do not think you molested that kid, ad I'm a really big fan! Keep dancing and singing, don't let anyone stop you! I really want to meet you, because I'm not afraid, since I know all of this is fake. I believe you! I soooo want to show you my awesome moves! I've memorized "You Rock My World" and all of the dance moves. You need to see me. I could so be in one of your music videos! People might think you're less freaky (not that I think that) if you like cut your hair so it doesn't look like a girl's hair, and loose the umbrella. Try it! You'll look awesome!!!!!!!!!!


eu ti amo,sou
seu fã e te adoro!!!!!,FERNANDO


What does
eu ti amo,sou
seu fã e te adoro!!!!!,FERNANDO


Hola.Mi nombre es Aimeè Guerrero, vivo en la Havana,Cuba.Mi opiniòn sobre Michael Jackson es que èl es una persona muy encantadora, con mucho que mostrar al mundo, creo que no es lo que dice la prensa si no alguìen con un inmenso corazòn.Pra mì es lo màximo, no me alcanzan las palabras para expresar lo que siento por èl.LO admiro mucho con artista y como "HOMBRE" DE BUENOS SENTIMIENTOS. Es pero que no falte mucho para que èl pueda encrontrar la felicidad, y que el mundo cambie su opiniòn acerca de esa maravillosa persona.Aunque digan que es una bestia para mi es muy hermoso fìsico y espiritualmente.No me comsidro su fanàtica sino alguièn que lo ama y le desea lo mejor en el mundo.

I love you MJ


Michael Jackson es genial

Muy lindo de corazòn y alma

Algun dia serà feliz


qu'on arrête d'embeter Michael jackson.I love you so much mike.un fan d'Haiti


Well, first of all i'd like 2 start with that my generation[old 80-ies] grew up with Michael's music. I don't think there's someone at least who once in his life never tried 2 imitate MJ, especially me:)) Even before my birth, my family been watching "little guy" gradually growing & developing in the famous Jackson5! And nowaydays, when there are so much filthy, dirty things prospering in our society, these ..... i really don't know what 2 call them, trying 2 accuse an innocent man who all his life has been helping poor, starving, orphan kids etc. I think all this what they do 2 MikeJ shall be paid back 2 them 4 sure someday!!!
If this message somehow gets 2 our King of Pop, i'd like 2 wish him strong health, always 2 stay cool,wise NO MATTER what happens around YOU, ok, Michael? U have 2 know this: your fans will always be with U ! Even if not physically, morally 4 SURE !
And i'd like to send best regards to your family, your father Joe Jackson, as the head of your family, mother Catherine, your elder bro, Jarmen Jackson your beautiful sisters, La Toya, Rebbie and Jannet ;))
Always yours,


Hello my one and only MICHAEL JACKSON!I live in Uzbekistan and everybody love you here!!!I love you from the bottom of my heart?now and forever!You are my hero,my love and my hope!I'll love you forever?my baby!You'll live forever in my heart and in my memory!Thank you for everything you've done for me!I love you MICHAEL........


Hello my dear Michael or Peter Pan!!!I have never believed in those nasty rumors about you.I believe you and believe in you!!!I love you very much,you are my one and only!I don't have boyfriend,'cos i want to find a man like you!You are my idol?my hero!Thank you for being with me,unfortunately just in my dreams,but still.....it's cool.I love you,I need you and i'll be with you no matter what,promise you that.


Michael Jackson is definitely the best ever. He made music what it is today! Everyone is talking so much shit about him and just basically JEALOUS because he made the top in history. We see people dancing like him or taking his dance moves and turning them around...people still love this man and he is still an important source to this world. He is the only person that not only America is in love with...BUT THE WHOLE WORLD LOVES HIM! He is amazing and I love him. I have all his CD's and I even have records (well, my parents) but I still LOVE HIM TO DEATH! Michael keep your head up. We are all thinking and LOVING you so much. HAVE A CONCERT! We miss you.

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